Elsterberg is a village in central Lyria.


In 1267, Queen Meve travelled through this village and found rioting occurring. The villagers were angry as Nilfgaardian forces had just been through and pillaged their village. As a result, they took their anger out on an innocent elf, who lived in Elsterberg, dragging him to the centre of the village and threatening him, as they believed he was a Nilfgaardian spy. Meve had a choice to make, whether to let the humans attack him, or save the elf.

If Meve saved the elf: Meve demanded proof of the villagers, and seeing they had none, Meve allowed the elf to be free of all charges. Meve could then choose whether to let the elf join her ranks. If she didn't, the elf left the village.

If Meve didn't interfere: The humans killed the elf, believing he was of lesser blood and a spy to the Nilfgaardians, come to raze the village.

Associated quest

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