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Elven Cave

The elven cave's smooth walls and floor suggest that the elves currently living there are not its first inhabitants nor probably its last.

The current residents are the remains of a sick and wounded Scoia'tael commando unit. The leader of the unit is Toruviel. She has previously met Geralt (and Dandelion) in Dol Blathanna, though his amnesia prevents him from remembering the encounter.


  • There is an elven sorceress in the cave who will exchange sexual favours for food.
  • In the US version the image shown for the elven cave is the same image shown for the Lakeside, and not the image shown here.
  • If Geralt gives meat (wyvern meat works well) to the male elves, he will receive several new herbarium entries in his journal.
    • One of the many elves will give different entries than all the others.