The empathic probe is magical device designed to find people of unknown whereabouts. One such apparatus was in possession of Vilgefortz. It consisted of steel armchair on which a person emotionally connected to the target individual had to sit. Once on the armchair, the person was then connected to the scanner via a complicated network of silver and copper wires and scaffolding of silver and porceline tubes. The needles were then inserted into the temple and the veins on the top of the hands while the two tubules, one made of copper and one of glass, were inserted into the nose; the tubules were connected to containers of elixirs, colorless liquids. The wires in turn connected to the scanner, which was a professional looking megascope, a screen and a great crystal ball on a tripod wrapped around by a web of silver wires. The megascope was then used to project the image generated by thehuge crystal onto the screen.

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