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Lazy, good-for-nothing men are sometimes called drones. That's an insult to endrega drones, who at least get off their arses to fight.
– Evelynn Harker, herbalist
Endrega males – called 'drones' – are gluttonous creatures whose only aim in life is to eat, fight and reproduce. Yet when venturing outside their nests, these aggressive hunters attack any and every creature they come across.
Endrega drones live but brief lives, the culmination of which comes in the autumn when they fertilize the queen. They pass the time leading to that moment protecting the colony's territory. Weaker drones die in these battles, while the largest and strongest survive. These elect[sic] individuals' genes are passed down to the next generation of endregas, while they themselves are killed after fertilization takes place and their bodies used to feed the hive during the long winter months.
Drones are easy to identify thanks to their distinctive, cone-shaped abdomens. Unlike other endregas they can attack from a distance, sending out volleys of poisoned quills. As with all of their kind, bleeding has no effect on them and insectoid oil does them great harm.

Combat Tactics[]

Endrega drones can shoot poisoned quills at distant targets from their abdomens, or attack with their pincers. Golden Oriole can neutralize the poison and prevent aggravated damage from the wounds. Drones are extremely aggressive and territorial.

Once they get close, they try to stay close. If multiple drones are present, Northern Wind bombs can halt one or two of the beasts, giving witchers a moment to regain control of the situation. Yrden is also useful at containing drones. Endrega do not bleed as profusely as men and witchers do. It takes several good swings to crack their natural armor.

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