The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

Endrega warriors have the longest tails of any of the endregas. Warriors cease giving XP when killed from Level 13 onwards.

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Bestiary Entry

Scared of these endregas, are you? Just wait till you see the warriors.
– Klaus Altman, forester
Endless waves of endrega workers are enough to overcome most attackers, but when confronting more dangerous foes, endrega colonies unleash their larger, stronger members – the so-called warriors. This caste lives only to fight, and gets ample opportunity to do so while defending the colony's borders or conquering new territory.
An endrega warrior's main weapon is its long tail, which is tipped with a club-like growth and spiked with venomous quils. Powerful abdominal muscles allow it to swing this tail with enough force to kill most lesser opponents in one blow.
Endrega warriors also use their mass and strength as a weapon by charging their opponents in an attempted [sic] to knock them over. As invertebrates with sectioned carapaces, endrega warriors do not bleed profusely, yet recoil in great pain when hit with a blade coated in insectoid oil.

Combat Tactics

Warriors are as vicious as endrega drones, with the added danger in the form of their poison barbed tail. The tail can counter a witcher's swordplay with ease, and warriors are known to advance on an enemy with the tail first.

As with other endrega, the warrior strain can strike quickly with its jaws and forelegs. It can also charge headlong into the enemy in an attempt to knock them off balance.

By far the most effective tactic against them is the Axii stunning guerrilla-warfare technique, stunning them with the Sign and getting several hits in then backing off and keeping out of range until your Stamina recovers, then repeat.


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