Bestiary Entry

I thought the workers were harmless. I thought wrong.
– Janne the Gimp, trapper.
Workers are the most numerous, and thus the most frequently encountered, caste of endrega. Within the colony their duty lies in building nests and cocoons, acquiring food and caring for eggs and larvae. When threatened they will summon warriors to aid them, yet if forced to defend themselves they will – and do so surprisingly well.
Endrega workers are most often found traveling in groups of half-dozen or more members. They move slowly, yet when attacking, they are capable of covering the distance to their victim in the blink of an eye. Like all of their kind, endrega workers are highly venomous. Their bite is toxic, as are any wounds dealt by the bony growths on the ends of their limbs. They can also spew acid to great effect from a distance of several paces. Their usual tactic is to surround their enemy and attack him from several sides at once. Like all insectoids they do not suffer particularly from bleeding, yet are caused great harm by insectoid oil.

Combat Tactics

The pincers and forearms of a worker are venomous, but they can be parried to open the worker up to further attacks.

Workers can be surprisingly troublesome to inexperienced witchers, thanks to the speed with which they can use their claws. Sidestep their initial attacks to bring their flanks within reach.

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