Eternal Fire signet ring is a fancy gold ring with a red stone that is given to Geralt by the Reverend in Chapter I as a sign of his approval. Without it, none of the Outskirts' more prominent citizens will speak with the witcher. Although this ring can not be bought initially, once acquired, it can be sold and then repurchased.

This signet ring can also be obtained in exchange for a White Gull potion from a beggar (an old woman) in the Outskirts who wants it to ease her dying grandson's suffering. Apparently the Reverend had refused to help her grandson who is dying from the plague, so the old woman stole his ring.

Notes Edit

  • It is possible to end up with both of these rings
  • Once you have gained the favor of the three villagers in The Salamander's Tail this ring can be safely sold since it provides no additional benefits
  • It is possible to complete the game without this ring by bribing Haren and Mikul and drinking with Odo
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