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Etolia is a seaside province in Nilfgaardian Empire. While it is considered as one of the more fertile regions,[2] the invasion and subsequent Nilfgaardization made a devastating impact upon Etolian people.[3]


Etolian civilization reach ancient times – it is even said that it influenced Lower Alban tribes at early point of their history, seeding Etolian ideas in the future Nilfgaardian culture.[2]

By the 12th century Etolia was a wealthy kingdom of high living standards. Unfortunately for its citizens, it bordered Nilfgaard, recently reformed into an absolutist empire by Emperor Torres. In 1216, Emperor Fergus var Emreis decided to use Etolia as an example of the future that awaits all enemies of the Empire. Nilfgaardian Army attacked and overwhelmed Etolia, annihilated its power structures and decimated the values defining Etolian life. The spirit of Etolian people was broken.

Nilfgaard installed a new provincial government referred to by its subjects as "the government of an overlord". The fear of the Empire remained strong however and in the subsequent four decades there was no organized popular uprising.[3]

During the Second Northern War, Etolian government dispatched regiments of veteran shieldbearers armored like crabs who marched alongside shieldbearers from Vicovaro.[4]

National emblems[]

A river was one of the original Etolian symbols[2] while an arrow was adopted during the imperial rule.[3] The emblems used in infobox are an attempt to combine symbols from both RPGs.

The following illustrations have been created by Wiki editors basing on official description and/or depictions.

Independent Etolia – coat of arms Independent Etolia – flag

Geography and Climate[]

Etolia is located quite far from Maecht.[5] As one of the more fertile places in the Empire, it is at times referred to as its granary. In spring and summer, the countryside is full of lush meadows and golden wheat fields washed by clear rivers around which thriving settlements lie. However, when winter comes the land turns into barren waste with violent gales breaking ever so often.[2]


Before the conquest, Etolians focused on trade, farming, fishing, and hand embroidery.[3] Later, the economy shifted primarily towards wheat cultivation.[2] One of the exceptions, however, was the farming of 5-7 kilogram freshwater white belly fish.[3]


  • Aetolia is a real region in Greece and nowadays part of the dual province of Aetolia-Acarnania. During ancient era, the place was known for several powerful city-states which were at one point united in Aetolian League.