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My daddy's one of King Foltest's knights. He's got a sword, too. Bigger than yours!
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- Everett to Geralt, pg. 167 Blood of Elves (U.K. Edition)

Everett Denhoff Junior (also known as Julius Cudera) was a noble-born professor at the Oxenfurt Academy, who as a young boy met Geralt of Rivia on the barge from Foam to Novigrad.



In 1266, still a child, he was traveling with his mother on the barge Geralt was hired to watch over. He constantly annoyed and pestered both Geralt and various crew members, usually comparing them to his father.

At one point, fake Temerian guards boarded with the intent to capture Geralt as they were trying to find Ciri. When Olsen, a Redanian customs officer, commented that he believed they weren't real guards and put pressure on them, Everett suddenly appeared beside their leader, making another obnoxious comment. The leader took the boy hostage to force Geralt to be tied up, but before his men could do anything an aeschna attacked, sending both the leader and Everett overboard. Geralt dove in after Everett and rescued him before the monster could eat the boy. However, he didn't appear the least bit grateful and almost as soon as Geralt was back on the ship, he went back to making his obnoxious comments.[1]

Later Life[]

Later, he became a professor at the Oxenfurt Academy.[citation needed]