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Eyck of Denesle was a knight and romantic partner of Yennefer.


Hunting a Dragon

Eyck and Yennefer were among four teams who joined in on King Niedamir's commissioned hunt to kill a green dragon that set half a hillside ablaze. While on the path to kill the dragon, Jaskier came face-to-face with a Hirikka while picking berries for Tèa and Vèa. Geralt surmised that the creature was starving and of no danger to them. Eyck completely disregarded him and killed it.

All four groups decided to settle down on the mountainside. Eyck, Yennefer, Geralt, Jaskier, Borch, Tèa, Vèa, Yarpen, the leader of the dwarves, and Boholt, the leader of the Reavers roasted the Hirikka and feasted. However, Borch warned Eyck against eating a certain part of the creature. Another warning that went unconsidered by Eyck. "A great knight never wastes a kill", he replied. It's why he'd make a great lord after slaying the dragon. With Yennefer as his mage. Boholt interrupted and made a lewd remark towards Yennefer. Eyck took his leave as his stomach started to gurgle after failing to heed Borch's warning.

While voiding his bowels, Eyck was snuck up on and killed; his throat slit.[1]


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