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You do not dice with Destiny with impunity!
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- pg. 140, The Last Wish (U.S. edition)

Eylembert, also known as Coodcoodak, was the thin and whiskered baron of Tigg and famous for his ability to mimic animal sounds.

Biography[edit | edit source]

In 1252, Eylembert showed up at Pavetta's 15th birthday, hoping to vie for the princess' hand but Queen Calanthe noted he was already married. He then lamented that his wife was rather weak and, with smallpox rampant in the area, she'd likely be dead within a year. However, he appeared to be dissatisfied with his marriage in general as rumors about him and his wife included her chasing him for almost a mile with a pitchfork after finding him with another woman, but she was unable to catch him. Calanthe then gave him some advice to be more attentive to his wife, though this fell on deaf ears.

During the feast, Eylembert imitated various animal noises so realistically that, at one point, some of the servants thought some chickens had somehow gotten passed them and into the hall and later, riled up the dogs in the area by making the sound of a she-wolf howling. After Urcheon disrupted the feast, claiming Pavetta was his from the Law of Surprise after rescuing the late king 15 years ago, Eylembert showed he was very knowledgeable regarding children marked by destiny, mentioning those such as Zatret Voruta, Supree, and Zivelena's child, using the latter as an example of why he feels one should never try to deny destiny. When Calanthe showed disregard to these comments, Eylembart then asked the queen what should the people do if they can no longer take their ruler's word for anything as she was trying to deny giving Pavetta to Urcheon, despite her late husband's sworn oath.

After Pavetta stated she wanted to go with Urcheon, a fight broke out and Eylembert kicked a stool that, while it didn't trip Rainfarn of Attre as he ran to attack Urcheon, it caused enough of a delay to let Urcheon knock Rainfarn down. Eylembert then tried to disarm the knight but Rainfarn's charge, Prince Windhalm, wrapped himself around Eylembert's legs, preventing him from doing so. With all the chaos breaking out, the Force surrounding Pavetta erupted, sending furniture and suitors flying. After Geralt and Mousesack's first unsuccessful attempt to stun Pavetta, Eylembert got a hold of Draig Bon-Dhu's bagpipes and used it, along with his talent for making a cacophony of noises, to distract the princess long enough for the witcher and druid to break through the Force, bringing Pavetta back to her senses.

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