Face Me if You Dare! is a minor secondary quest in Velen and Novigrad during The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Walkthrough Edit

An idiot with a deathwish stands at an intersection of dirt paths close to the bridge into Crow's Perch. This idiot's name is Ronvid of the Small Marsh, and he seeks to challenge you to a duel, but babbles on about the honor of Maid Bilberry, and also the one hundred knights he wishes to slay in mortal combat. You're his first. Despite your best banter, the fight commences.

It also stops abruptly after you inflict a few choice hits on Ronvid. Defiant even after an embarrassing display of swordplay, he heads on his way. Finish up any of the conversations as you wish (with a threat, or a promise). A few days later, you may stumble upon Ronvid again, just outside Novigrad (look around each of the gates).

Now armed with shield and sword, he is ready for a rematch! Once again, he stops the combat and gives up after a few hits. Two days later, you may find Ronvid in Novigrad (check along the docks or harbor on the west side of the city). This time he isn't alone. There are two hired thugs with him to take you down, now he realizes you're a witcher. You can:

  • Fight and kill them all.
  • (Axii Delusion Level 2) Convince them they are tired and should go home (this option awards the most experience)

Afterward, this quest concludes.

Journal entry Edit

This quest has no journal entry.

Objectives Edit

This quest has no journal objectives.

Notes Edit

  • If you chose to spare him using the Axii sign, he can later be found sitting on one of the piers in the western part of Novigrad.