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The Faithel,[1] outside Zerrikania mistaken sometimes with Free Warriors,[2] are Zerrikanian female warriors who roam the Continent outside their native country in order to search for dragons and protect them from danger.[1]


These of cule mailteini, that is teenage girls after 15, spend next 6 or more years in Faithel School on learning saberra swordmanship, sharpening their senses, and reflex conditioning. After finishing the school, every half a year they participate in the First Blood Tournament. Two best fighters receive a third belt of tattoo, are anointed by priestessess and blessed by the ruler, and set out outside the borders to look for dragons, venturing as far as the Dragon Mountains.

Faithel travel and fight in pairs. Their goal is to find a dragon, honour it and swear their allegiance, and, depending on the dragon's choice, escort it to Zerrikania or stay with it.[1]


The name Faithel was first given to six warrioresses who accompanied Saulrenith and five other priestesses on their journey to Northern Kingdoms. The expedition, aim of which was to find dragons and spread their cult, met tragic climax 4 years after the beginning: after the news of the hunt for a green dragon in Mahakam reached them, Zerrikanians failed to protect the creature and only Saulrenith with three Faithel survived the fight with dwarves.

When the survivors returned to Zerrikania, the then-queen Merineaevelth decided to found a Faithel School named after them.[1]

In early 1250s, Faithel Téa and Véa found a golden dragon Villentretenmerth and became his guardians.[2]

Notable Faithel[]