Faithful Friend is a secondary quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt that is only accessible during the main quest: Something Ends, Something Begins.

Just to clarify, this quest is only available if you get the ending where you spawn in the White Orchard inn and are supposed to go on a hunt. It is not available in the other two endings. It occurs after you exit the tavern where Dandelion and Zoltan are talking. You'll see a soldier being bucked off his horse, you can't miss it.

Journal entry Edit

Some time after he reunited with Yennefer in White Orchard, Geralt returned to that village. During his previous visit, he had hunted a griffin. This time, his task was to catch a runaway horse.
The horse belonged to a soldier returning from war. It turned out it had run off to seek its beloved master. Geralt got into a chat with the soldier and listened to a few of his bitter words about the last phases of the war.

Objectives Edit

  • Catch the runaway horse.