Fake Papers is a secondary quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It may be started southeast of the Border Post in Velen by approaching and talking to the shady merchant here.


Due to the war, King Radovid V has closed off all the borders into Redania and is only allowing those with a pass through. Naturally, these passes aren't easy to obtain and thus the shady merchant has made some counterfeits for those willing to pay for them. You can do the following:

  • pay the full 100 Oren3 (earning 10 Tw3 icon xp)
  • ask for another way then use Axii (requires Delusion level 1, earning 30 Tw3 icon xp). This will lower it to 50 Oren3 and earn 5 Tw3 icon xp when paid for
  • ask about the other way and he'll ask you to help his brother-in-law, Albin Hart

If you buy the pass outright, the quest will end here. However, if you inquire about the other option, you'll need to go do Bitter Harvest to get the price dropped to 25 Oren3. Important: if you go this route, make sure to keep Albin alive. If he dies, the merchant will refuse to deal with you and will cause the quest to fail.

If you went and helped Albin and he survived, the merchant will sell the pass to you for 25 Oren3, earning 2Tw3 icon xp. Regardless, as long as you obtained a pass, the quest will then complete.

Journal entry Edit

During the war that pitted the Northern Realms against Nilfgaard, the border along the Pontar river was closed. Whoever wanted to cross at the border posts had to show a pass issued by the Redanian high command. Or, barring that, one of the convincing counterfeits sold by the shady Redanian who hung about near the river crossings.
If Geralt buys the false papers:
The false papers proved as good as real ones. Once Geralt had acquired them, he could cross the border at will.
If Albin Hart dies:
The conterfeiter made Geralt an offer he couldn't refuse: a falsified pass in exchange for helping the man's brother. Geralt eagerly agreed to the exchange, but didn't hold up his end of the bargain. The conterfeiter's brother died, and Geralt had to find another way of securing transit papers.

Objectives Edit

  • See what the counterfeit pass seller's brother-in-law needs.
  • Return for the discounted pass.

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