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Blood on your hands, Falka,
Blood on your dress.
Burn, burn, Falka, and die,
die in agony for your crimes!
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- pg. 1, Time of Contempt (UK edition)

Falka was the oldest daughter of Redania's King Vridank and his first wife, Beatrix of Kovir.[2] However, when her father met the beautiful Cerro, he promptly divorced Beatrix and sent her and one year old Falka packing and back to Kovir. Practically forgotten, she was determined to take back what she believed rightfully belonged to her as the eldest child and began her infamous rebellion 25 years later, three years after King Goidemar of Temeria and Riannon married.[3]

During the rebellion, Falka killed her father, two half-brothers - Heltmult and Denhard - and her father's second wife - Queen Cerro, allegedly with her own hands. The then-pregnant Riannon was also accidentally captured and imprisoned by Falka's rebels and imprisoned in Houtborg Castle.

While in prison, Riannon gave birth to a set of twins and then went mad. Around the same time, Falka also gave birth and left her newborn in the hands of the deranged prisoner. Not long after, the rebellion was quelled and Falka was tried and condemned to die by burning on a stake. According to legend, Falka cursed all the people present and promised that they and their progeny would suffer in the hands of a child bearing her blood.


  • "Falka" in Elder Speech is gvalch'ca which can be translated as falcon.
  • Unlike her mother, Falka was said to have looked more elven than her mother, suggesting she was rather beautiful.
  • Later information dug up by Fenn would suggest that Fiona was actually Falka's daughter, not Adela, and that she also carried elder blood in her veins. However, due to mixed information from Francesca, it's not certain who was actually Falka's child.
  • In The Witcher, the book The History of the World by Roderick de Novembre tells the tale of Falka's fate.

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