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Falka's Rebellion was a major uprising predominantly across the kingdoms of Redania and Temeria that occurred in the 1150s. It was started by Falka, the disinherited daughter of King Vridank, and initially led as an attempt of the legal firstborn to gain the throne which was rightly hers. As such, it was even supported by some members of the Temerian and Koviri nobility. But it soon changed into peasant war, larger and bloodier than the Northern Kingdoms had ever witnessed, with both sides committing gruesome atrocities.

To keep herself in command, Falka had generously bestowed her charms on all leading officers, from the noblemen to ordinary thugs.


The rebellion reached its largest size when Falka killed her father, his second wife Cerro and her two half-brothers Heltmult and Denhard with her bare hands. Due to this, she passed into legend as a bloodthirsty demon, though it's more likely that she lost control of the blood-drenched mob and slogans displayed on their standards. Fighting under words like "Death To Kings" or "Death To Priests, Nobility, Gentry and Anybody WellToDo" and later "Death To Sorcerers",[1] these forces were responsible for burning down the entire Mirthe, ancient city of mages in Gelibol, and skinning of Master Radmir of Tor Carnedd alive.[2]

After crossing Pontar river and declaring war on Temeria as well, they made themselves headquarters at Castle Houtborg where they imprisoned then-pregnant Princess Riannon. While in prison, Riannon gave birth to a set of twins and then went mad. Around the same time, Falka also gave birth and left her newborn in the hands of the deranged prisoner proclaiming that only queens were worthy of the honor of being wet nurses to her bastard, and a similar fate would await every queen and princess in the new order Falka would build after her victory.[1]

This enraged Riannon's husband, valiant Goidemar, who stood in charge of Temerian Army and, with a bit of luck, defeated rebellious armies in several battles, even at Houtborg itself.[3] Around this time she lost grounds in Redania, where the throne was taken over by Vridank's uncle, Vizimir I.[4]


Not long after the rebellion was quelled, Falka the Bloody was tried and condemned to die by burning on a stake; henceforth, people of Temeria and Redania have thrown a figure representing Falka on the bonfires during the Saovine celebrations. According to the legend, Falka cursed all the people present and promised that they and their progeny would suffer in the hands of a child bearing her blood.[2]


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