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The Famine War, also known as the Hunger War, was a conflict between the dwarves of Mahakam and the humans of Temeria. It lasted for 11 years, and happened shortly after the War of Daggers.

Background Edit

In the mountains can not produce sufficient quantities of food, it must be imported. Why then dwarves did not meet the threats of flooding of the mine - this was not explained, and as it seems Temerian king (in that time likely Geddes) was in need of moneys and coins from famous Mahakaman mines and also part of profit from selling of weapons and Mahakam was in need of food.

Course of conflict Edit

It is more than obvious that first who dwarves from Mahakam were asking for food was humans of Temeria, presumably they were wanting things upper mentioned, which Elder of Mahakam refuse to do, humanities answer was likely blockade of Mount Carbon by Temerian army. Later ruined and starving dwarves surrender and agreed conditions and peace terms by temerians.

Results Edit

Gains for Temeria Edit

  • Temerian ruler became titular sovereigns of Mahakam
  • A considerable amount of Mahakaman trade profits was handed to Temeria as part of the peace terms
  • Mahakam became a vassal of Temeria

Gains for Mahakam Edit

  • Elder of Mahakam and dwarven clans were still left in charge under the Temerian ruler