Farid was an alchemist along with Gaspar who were in Flotsam around 1271 when Geralt was in the area. If talked to, the two alchemists request the witcher to test a potion for them before walking away.

They could later be met in Loc Muinne where they request Geralt's help once more, this time to rescue some of their fellow mages.

Associated quest

Journal entry

The witcher ran into Farid once more in unexpected circumstances. The alchemist was part of an expedition that was to scour the caverns beneath Loc Muinne in search of the laboratory of the famous mage Dearhenna.
The expedition ended tragically for Farid. He died in a trap set by the malicious Dearhenna.


  • If the player imports a saved file into The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in which they drank the potion in the second game, they can later find find a letter from Farid to Gaspar about the experiment.


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