Fast and Furious is an achievement in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and requires one to win all the horse races in the base game, thus making this a missable achievement.

In this case, you must win 11 total races broken down as follows:

Tips Edit

  • You must advance enough in the main quest to have finished Get Junior before the Memorial Derby becomes available.
  • Create a save before speaking to Cleaver for the final Derby race in Novigrad. That is one race where you can't re-do if you lose, thus locking out the achievement.
    • This race has also been known to be buggy so make extra sure you have a recent save before attempting.
  • Try to complete the races as soon as they become available. Some have reported the Novigrad races no longer being available after Now or Never. Others, like the ones at Crow's Perch, disappear once you go to the Isle of Mists.
  • If having trouble getting the races at Crow's Perch to appear (like the posting isn't showing up on the notice board) try finishing the secondary quest Defender of the Faith first.

Trivia Edit