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{{DisambigMsg|This article is about = one of [[Nivellen]]'s women|For = the jurist|see = Jacob Fenn|For second page = the [[Blue Stripes]] commando|see second page = Fenn (commando)}}{{Infobox Character
|Race = [[Human]]
|Race = [[Human]]
|Gender = Female
|Gender = Female

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Disambig-icon This article is about one of Nivellen's women. For the jurist, see Jacob Fenn. For the Blue Stripes commando, see Fenn (commando).
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She was small, bright and chirpy, a real goldcrest.
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- pg.55, The Last Wish (UK edition)

Fenne was a merchant's daughter, probably from Murivel. She was one of the women Nivellen shared his home with for a year and the first with whom he slept with after both of them had gotten drunk.

She came up with the idea of scaring away unwanted visitors by riding on galloping Nivellen's back, completely naked and blowing the hunting horn of Nivellen's grandfather.

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