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My generals? I would trust every last one with my life.
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- Gwent: The Witcher Card Game
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Fergus var Emreis was the Nilfgaardian Empire's Imperator during the early part of the 13th century until he was overthrown by the Usurper and his supporters a few years before 1237. 20 years later in 1257, his son and heir, Emhyr var Emreis, avenged his death and regained the power.



He issued a special decree that introduced an absolute gender equality into the Empire's military, without any exceptions or indulgences. This included having the same conditions for the Imperial military citadels' prisoners, where both male and female occupants could end up in a shared cell, though this didn't apply to common jails.

Fergus also agreed to and signed a treaty with King Esteril Thyssen of Kovir and Poviss, which designated that both countries wouldn't support enemies of one another with money or soldiers.

Sometime around 1228, a group of dissidents formed against him, with Vysogota of Corvo as one of its leaders. Before they could act, Fergus discovered the conspiracy and compelled them to implicate Vysogota as the movement's chief ideologue. The imperator then banished him to exile under threat of immediate execution should he ever return to the Empire.[2]

Emperor Fergus continued the expansion of the Imperial borders started by Torres, incorporating into the Empire the reigns of Etolia, Vicovaro and Gemmera. At this point, the powerful Nilfgaardian Army was led by the later Usurper, who was appointed General.[3][4]

Downfall and death[]

Fergus is murdered by the Usurper after being tortured

Soon another group of aristocrats formed an opposition against Fergus' government with a powerful figure as its leader. A revolt occurred and Fergus was overthrown, though some nobility remained loyal to him.

He was initially tortured by the Usurper, who wanted him to grant legitimacy to the coup. When he refused, the Usurper decided he would break Fergus by having his mages, led by Braathens, torture his 13-year-old son, Emhyr. This plan failed as Fergus didn't allow himself to be broken and the Usurper was forced to murder him. Emhyr was then turned into a humanoid hedgehog form but was able to hide with Ardal aep Dahy's help before fleeing beyond the borders.[5]