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Apart from the four fundamental elements from which mages can draw power there is also the fifth source, variously referred to as the quintessence (fifth element),[1] spirit,[1] idea[1] or just the magic.[1] To utilize its power one must either combine the primary elements[2] or draw from the mysterious plane called Ether[3][4] or Astral Plane.[4] The Ether is inhabited by a variety of non-corporeal entities such as hyms;[3] visitors from this strange dimension are sometimes called Astrals.[4]

Many useful magic spells are based on this element, such as teleportation.[2] It is worth noting that while they can be obtained just by mixing primary elements, creatures such as unicorns perceive drawing from them as cheap trickery,[5] which could suggest that they either draw from the Astral Plane or are Sources with innate power.

Invocations and spells Edit

For the full list of Quintessence-based abilities, see Category:Ether magic.

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