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Final Preparations is a main quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

It is an "umbrella" quest, similar to Ugly Baby, where all underlying quests must be completed before continuing.

The XP earned based on the Story and Swords! difficulty level rewarded in this quest will decrease after reaching level 34.


The following main quests become available and must be completed to continue:

These quests can be completed in any order, but once you complete Payback, Blindingly Obvious, and The Great Escape, another quest objective ("Meet Yennefer and the Lodge of Sorceresses at Dandelion's inn") will appear. If you have not yet completed Through Time and Space, you will have to meet with the sorceresses first because the meeting point is directly outside the room where you are to meet Avallac'h to initiate Through Time and Space, and a cutscene will automatically begin when you enter the area.

When Geralt gets to the meeting point, Ciri will tell him that Philippa and​ Margarita want to talk to her. There will be a dialogue choice:

  • Going with you. (choosing this will count towards the "bad" ending)
  • You'll do fine on your own. (choosing this will count towards the "bittersweet" or "good" ending)

If you join the meeting, you will hear Philippa and Margarita offering Ciri a partnership in the Lodge after it has been re-formed. There is an exchange in where they claim Avallac'h has a hidden agenda for helping Ciri control her power while the Lodge would offer the same along with protection, knowledge, and independence. The meeting ends with the offer left open for Ciri to think about and decide on when she's ready.

Once all the quests are completed, make your way to the Rosemary and Thyme.

Journal Entry[]

Ciri's spirits were high after killing Imlerith, but Geralt knew this fight had been but an appetizer before the full course of battle still to come. As part of their preparations, Geralt and Ciri rode to Novigrad, where Triss and Yennefer were trying to reconvene the Lodge of Sorceresses. Avallac'h was waiting there as well, and had his own ideas how to tip the scales of victory in our allies' favor during their final confrontation with Eredin...
Geralt and the sorceresses successfully gathered their allies and reconvened Lodge of Sorceress. Though many obstacles had threatened to block their progress, they had surmounted them all and emerged relatively unscathed. All the preliminaries were now finished - and the last battle against the Wild Hunt could commence.