Final Preparations is a main quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Journal entry Edit

Ciri's spirits were high after killing Imlerith, but Geralt knew this fight had been but an appetizer before the full course of battle still to come. As part of their preparations, Geralt and Ciri rode to Novigrad, where Triss and Yennefer were trying to reconvene the Lodge of Sorceresses. Avallac'h was waiting there as well, and had his own ideas how to tip the scales of victory in our allies' favor during their final confrontation with Eredin...
Geralt and the sorceresses successfully gathered their allies and reconvened Lodge of Sorceress. Though many obstacles had threatened to block their progress, they had surmounted them all and emerged relatively unscathed. All the preliminaries were now finished - and the last battle against the Wild Hunt could commence.

Objectives Edit

Notes Edit

During the last objective to meet at the inn, there will be a dialogue choice with Ciri:

  1. Going with you.
  2. You'll do fine on your own.

Choosing the first option goes toward the "bad" ending, since Ciri is relying on Geralt for her own choices. The second choice goes toward the "good" ending, with an independent Ciri making decisions for herself.

Following Geralt and Ciri's arrival at the Rosemary and Thyme, Geralt's ability to fast travel is restored, after having been disabled since the start of The Isle of Mists. As Geralt will have likely leveled up several times since recovering Ciri, this may be a good time to tackle contracts or secondary quests that may have been levelled too high previously.

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