Finders Keepers is a secondary quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Note: This quest is proximity sensitive and will disappear if you find it but then leave without starting the quest.

Walkthrough Edit

To start the quest, head to the larger of the islands north of Giants' Toes' signpost (the one with a shipwreck) to find several bandits trying to loot the crates. Kill them and Geralt will comment on the crates, starting the quest. You can then examine each crate to see one has Clan Brokvar's insignia on it and the other contains the Solid Skellige sword.

Head to Svorlag village on Spikeroog and speak with the merchant at the docks about the crates and he'll comment that it must have been one of their ships that sailed out a month ago to raid the Continent but never returned. He'll then ask about the decorated sword which, if you retrieved it, Geralt will automatically hand it over for a finder's fee of 55 Oren3 and 75 Tw3 icon xp, completing the quest. If you didn't get the sword, you'll instead be paid 50 Oren3 (but same amount of Tw3 icon xp).

Journal entry Edit

Strewn across the Skellige shore lay the remnants of an entire fortune, testimonies to a tragedy that had struck some poor member of Clan Brokvar. Pirates were currently engaged in looting anything of value that had survived and Geralt decided he should try to inform someone with a right to the goods before they finished the job.

Objectives Edit

  • Look for signs indicating the cargo's owner using your Witcher Senses.
  • Ask the shopkeeper in the Clan Brokvar village on Spikeroog about the shipwrecked cargo.

Notes Edit

  • It's impossible to keep the sword to sell it off elsewhere. Even if you don't retrieve it and turn in the quest, if you go back to get it it will be set in your quest inventory tab, making it impossible to drop or sell.
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