Fiona of Temeria was the daughter of King Goidemar and Queen Riannon, making her a princess of Temeria. She later married Coram II of Cintra, with whom she had one son, Corbett.

Fiona was also one of three children known as the Houtborg triplets, a set of twins and another child, born while Riannon was imprisoned by Falka. The other two children were Adela and Amavet. After Falka died, none knew which of the three children were Riannon's twins and which was Falka's child as Riannon had gone insane during her imprisonment. Sorcerers summoned by King Goidemar later found out that Adela was Falka's daughter,[1] but they told the king that they weren't able to determine which child was Falka's to avoid a scandal and the execution of a 2-year old child. Therefore, the three were brought up as siblings.

She didn't have a particularly happy marriage with Coram II, though they put on the appearance of one. However, as soon as her son inherited the throne after Coram II unexpectedly died, she left and went back home to Temeria, where her father was still in control. She lived out the rest of her days in Cleves Castle near Maribor until she died at 93 years old.[2]

References Edit

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