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Fire—Many a young adept has met a tragic end when trying to prematurely harness this most unpredictable and chaotic element. The Power flowing through fire is as grand as it is fickle. Drawing upon fire provides energy readily and swiftly sometimes too swiftly. The Power channeled from fire is easiest to "contract" upon, and an inexperienced adept may not be able to stop drawing energy before it is too late. Sources in particular must exercise extreme caution, as coming into contact with the Power drawn from fire may suddenly activate their peculiar abilities, usually in a destructive manner.
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- The World of the Witcher

Fire (hen llinge: Aenye) is one of the four elements. Mastery over fire can be derived from intersections but is extremely dangerous. Genies of this element are known as ifrit.

Invocations and spells Edit

For the full list of Fire-based abilities, see :Category:Fire magic.

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