Fulmen Sphaericus,[1] commonly known as lightning ball or fireball, is a powerful combat spell which causes an explosion wounding everyone and setting aflame everything within radius up to 10 meters.[2] Because of its unpredictable properties it is advised to use it only under the open sky, as in interiors it can cause a shockwave wounding the caster and their companions.[3]

It is described as pretty useful against even the most dangerous energumens,[1] but hardly noticeable by fiery dragons.[3]

Oko Yrrhedesa

Magic cost: 3
Effect: A ball of energy shut from mage's hand explodes at the nearest obstacle, wounding everyone within radius of 10 meters by 1d6+4. A Fireball of minimum 6 power destroys a barrier of Obstruction kind, of minimum 9 power destroys a Force Field; people behind such barriers however are not wounded.
Misfortune: Premature explosion; the caster dies, everyone within radius of 10 meters is wounded as above.

Wiedźmin: Gra Wyobraźni

Power cost: 10 or more
Modifier: 3
Skill cost: 50
Duration: Immediate
Casting: Gesture + Incantation + Component (a lump of coal)
Magical defense: Yes (if targeted at a living being)
Effect: Shots a lightning ball that explode at the nearest obstacle; the explosion sets flammable materials aflame and deals base 4d6 damage + 1d6 for each 5 additional Power Points spent (max. 20 more). The base radius at 10 PP is 5 meters (Dodge difficulty: 2), the maximum radius at 30 PP is 10 meters (Dodge difficulty: 6). Only a person within the explosion radius can perform a Dodge, they cannot if they were targeted (are at the explosion's centre).


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