Though 1,500 years have passed since humans arrived in the Continent alongside the Conjunction of the Spheres, proper human expansion in the Region now known as the Northern Kingdoms began relatively recently, around five hundred years ago. It was then that the event now called the First Landing or Landing of the Exiles took place, when ships bearing men who would give rise to the Kingdoms of the North made landfall in the Pontar Delta and the mouth of the Yaruga. It is thought to have taken place sometime in the 760s.[1]

It was difficult to say where these "exiles" came from, as on this crucial detail the legends are remarkably silent. After all, over the past few centuries the descendants of these exiles have proven themselves to be determined, bellicose, and intolerant people. It is not clear how that First Landing took place, and who where the first to encounter these new arrivals.[1]

Of these exiles, Jan Bekker, was the first who discovered the Force, granting them a powerful weapon in their many fights to come.

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