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"Do you really wish to know?" — Spoilers from the books and/or adaptations to follow!
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In The Witcher, there are several quests that span the entire game. One of the most noteworthy is the Fistfight quest. At inns, taverns, and a cave in Chapter V, Geralt has an opportunity to challenge local pugilists, including the reigning champion, for gold or a chance at the "Title". You can fight most champions once only but everyone else is game for rematches. When betting against a fistfighter you can double or double-and-a-half the bet for maximum profit, but they will refuse to fight if you try to wager more than that.

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Since winning is easy (see Fistfighting made easy), without further ado, the fighters are (in plot order):

Prologue Prologue (Kaer Morhen)[]

People Eskel full.png


  • This is a fistfighting tutorial which also starts the quest; there is no Title to be won.
  • Eskel can be found in or near the Armory on Kaer Morhen's second floor after you have skinned the Frightener, but he will not have anything to say until you have given Triss her potion.
  • You might miss talking to Eskel if, after giving Triss her potion, you tell her there is no time to waste (goes directly to funeral), or you talk to her or Vesemir about starting Leo's funeral.
  • The quest can also be started in Chapter I.

Chapter I Chapter I (Outskirts of Vizima)[]

People Innkeeper male.png People Thug full.png People Gramps full.png

Fat Fred

Other Fighters

Fat Fred is accompanied by several fistfighters, many willing to "kick your arse and make money doing it!."

Chapter II Chapter II (Temple Quarter of Vizima)[]

People Butter Bean.png

Butter Bean

  • Butter Bean hangs out at The Hairy Bear in the Temple Quarter.
  • He is touchy about his weight.
  • After winning, Geralt retains his 75 Items Oren.png wager and may choose one of the following prizes:

Other Fighters

Butter Bean is accompanied by several fistfighters. Geralt also has a fistfight in the prison dungeon to secure his freedom (regardless of the outcome); the prisoner looks remarkably like Fat Fred.

Chapter III Chapter III (Trade Quarter of Vizima)[]

People Coleman full.png People Nobleman 3.png People Innkeeper male.png

Andrew Gablodda

Other Fighters

Andrew Gablodda is accompanied by several willing fistfighters. The bouncer at the House of the Queen of the Night will allow passage upstairs if beaten in a fistfight. Rozalind Pankiera's father, Hobbs, will allow access to his daughter's room (for Dandelion's lute) if defeated in a fistfight. Fistfighting is one way past the guards of the Fisstech lab in the sewers.

Chapter IV Chapter IV (Lakeside)[]

People Nobleman.png

The Rock

Other Fighters

It is truly amazing that Julian and Dandelion can sleep at all given that boxing matches go on 24 hours a day, right next to their beds at the Country Inn in Murky Waters. Quite a few professional fistfighters use the back room to work out apparently.

Chapter V Chapter V (Old Vizima)[]

People Zdenek full.png

Zdenek, the Champion

  • Zdenek is the reigning world champion. He is undefeated — well no one has beaten him twice in a row.
  • He can be found inside the southernmost refugee cave in the swamp cemetery.
  • At least he has the decency to keep his fistfights to the privacy of his own chamber in the cave.
  • Geralt must beat Zdenek twice in a row. To do so, he must meditate or exit/re-enter the cave.
  • If Geralt defeats Zdenek, he gets his tooth and becomes the new reigning world fistfighting champion. The quest is then completed.
  • After Zdenek is defeated, Geralt may come back later at any time for a friendly rematch. This is for fun only - there is no additional reward for defeating him more than twice.


  • Interestingly in the Polish (original) version of the game all fighters apart from Zdenek have entirely different names.
    • Fat Fred is "Gruby Anzelm" (Fat Anzelm)
    • Butter Bean is "Dhunda"
    • Andrew Gablodda is "Hugon Berronta"
    • The Rock is "Zelest Mecht"
  • Butter Bean is a reference to Eric Scott Esch, an American retired heavyweight boxer and martial artist with the nickname "Butterbean"
  • Andrew Gablodda is a reference to Andrzej Gołota, a former Polish professional boxer
  • The Rock is a reference to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson , an American retired professional wreslter.