Fists of Fury: Champion of Champions is a secondary quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.


This is the final fist-fighting quest in the base game, issued after becoming the fist-fighting champion in all three main regions that have fist fights: Velen, Novigrad, and Skellige. After becoming champion in the third location, wherever that happens to be, a man will approach and offer you the chance to fight the Champion of Champions. He instructs you to sail to Spikeroog and head to the arena, which is located in the village of Hov.

Upon arriving at the village, speak to the Bookie who is leaning against a wooden pillar in front of the arena's entrance. If you have not yet completed the quest Master of the Arena, the Bookie will inform you that the arena is closed due to an unresolved incident. Otherwise, he reveals that the reigning champion is, in fact, a rock troll, and initiates the fight. During this fight, it is possible to use consumables such as food items and potions.

After defeating the rock troll, Geralt is proclaimed the Champion of Champions, and the Bookie says that he will send word of this news to the four corners of the world. The quest then ends, and you are awarded 90Crownitem.png and a diagram for The Tamer. Completion of this quest also unlocks the "Brawl Master" achievement/trophy.

Journal Entry

Geralt had already won a great many victories while fistfighting opponents across the land, but still could not call himself the best of the best. The champion of champions remained undefeated, waiting for Geralt to challenge him for his title.


  • Go to Spikeroog to find out about this mysterious opponent.
  • Enter the arena.
  • Kill or be killed.


  • The final journal objective is somewhat misleading as there is no need to kill the troll, but merely to defeat him.
  • The troll's mysterious moniker is Athak Akydalv as revealed after the fight when the troll is approached.
  • This fight is unlike both all other fist fights and all other troll fights. Consumables may be used and the troll is somehow vulnerable to fist attacks from behind whereas sword attacks are generally not effective against trolls.
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