Fists of Fury: Novigrad is one of the fistfighting quests in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Walkthrough Edit

An easy way to start this quest is to go to The Golden Sturgeon and find Master Claytop inside. Talk to him to setup a match between you and Georgius 'Piledriver' Georg. Before you start the fight though, Claytop will pull you to the side and asks that you throw the match, and will pay you 80 Oren3, on top of doubling what you bet (meaning you could get a max. of 240 Oren3). You'll also be able to net an extra 50 Tw3 icon xp by throwing it.

If you agree and lose you'll be able to fight Georgius again for real. You can also simply decline and fight for the win (note that agreeing doesn't mean you have to lose either, you can choose to go back on your word). Despite Master Claytop remarking you'll regret not taking his offer (or agreeing to but then defeating Georgius anyways) nothing bad appears to come from it. Regardless what you choose, once you defeat Georgius you'll earn 25 Tw3 icon xp.

The other two opponents are simple fistfights:

Once you defeat all three, you'll be directed to Durden, out in Farcorners. Despite being told to fight after sundown, they'll be out there at any time of day to fight. Once Durden is defeated you'll earn 75 Tw3 icon xp and double your bet, completing the quest.

Journal entry Edit

Geralt found out a series of fistfights was being organized in Novigrad. He had participated in such fights in the past and grown to like the feel of his fist pounding into some lunkhead's skull. He thus decided to take part.
To earn the right to fight for the Novigrad championship, Geralt first had to defeat three lesser challengers.
Fight after fight Geralt laid low the best Novigrad had to offer. In the end he was declared the city's champion.

Objectives Edit

  • Defeat Georgius Georg.
  • Defeat Archibald O'Neill.
  • Defeat Iron Mortimer.
  • Fight the Tailor for the Novigrad title.

Trivia Edit

  • When Durden first approaches Geralt, his speech is a reference to the film A Knight's Tale.
  • Durden the Tailor is a reference to Tyler Durden in Fight Club.
  • Georgius Georg is a reference to Gorgeous George, the bare knuckle boxer from Snatch.

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