Fists of Fury: Skellige is a fistfighting quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Walkthrough Edit

When you first arrive in Skellige, you'll most likely come across the fistfighters in Kaer Trolde Harbor first, in front of The New Port. Here, you'll have to fight Valgard, however he'll ask to talk to you for a moment in private.

He'll point out he's trying to impress a nearby woman, Eryka, but obviously doesn't stand a chance against a witcher. You can tell him whatever you like before the fight begins but can change your mind during it. Valgard's reaction will differ a bit depending (for instance, if you agree but then defeat him anyways he'll be upset you backed out of your promise, while if you refused but lost, he'll boast to Eryka rather than privately thanking the witcher). If you threw the fight, you can fight him again. Regardless what you do, once you win you'll gain 25 Tw3 icon xp and 70 Oren3.

The other 2 opponents are straightforward:

Note that the diagrams given out are based on order: your first opponent will drop Diagram: The Digger and your third opponent will drop the Diagram: Nilfgaardian guardsman armor.

Once all 3 are defeated, you now have the chance to fight Skellige's champion, Olaf on An Skellig, so head to the arena northeast of Urialla Harbor and talk to the bookie, who'll inform you Olaf will appear once he has an opponent to face. Once you're ready, let him know and head into the arena. After a short cutscene you learn your opponent is a bear that you have to punch to death. Once you win, you'll earn 50 Tw3 icon xp, 90 Oren3, and Gwestog.

Journal entry Edit

Geralt learned a fistfighting tournament was being held in Skellige. Since the men of the isles are famous for their fighting prowess, he could not pass up this chance to test his strength against theirs.
In order to qualify to fight for the Skellige title, Geralt first had to defeat a series of lesser challengers.
Geralt defeated all corners and earned the right to call himself the greatest brawler in the isles. To this day, whenever someone thoroughly bests a mighty opponent, Skelligers will say he "pulled a Geralt."

Objectives Edit

  • Defeat Valgard.
  • Defeat Grim.
  • Defeat Einar.
  • Try your strength against the Skellige champion - Olaf.
  • Enter the arena.
  • Defeat Olaf.

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