Fists of Fury: Velen is a secondary quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Walkthrough Edit

Stan Fishgulper can be found in front of Lindenvale's inn. Before you start, he'll ask to speak to you in private. He knows he can't beat you, but he really needs the prize, a sack of flour, so he can have some food. You can choose to throw the match or not. If you do throw it, you can then do a re-match, this time beating him. If you don't throw the match, you can speak with Fishgulper after the fight to offer him money so he can buy food for his family (5 Oren3), which he will happily accept. Once you beat him you'll earn 25 Tw3 icon xp.

The other two regular fighters, Jonah and Smithy, will fistfight as normal, earning 25 Tw3 icon xp after each win. Once you've defeated all 3 (doesn't matter which order) you can then face the Sergeant in Crow's Perch.

The group will be fistfighting in the courtyard near the barn. Interact with him and place your bet. Once you defeat the Sergeant, the quest will complete, earning 75 Tw3 icon xp and 160 Oren3.

Journal entry Edit

When Geralt found out a fistfighting circuit was operating in Velen, he decided to test his strength and enter. You must know Velen bouts were remarkable for their dirty and no-holds-barred fighting, but to someone who fights monsters dirtily and leaves no holds untried on a daily basis, this was no worry.
As any half-intelligent odd-maker would have predicted, Geralt defeated all the regional champions and was granted to the right to fight for the Velen title.
The final bout was no walk in the park, but thanks to his well-honed skills and a bit of luck, Geralt emerged victorious. From then on he was known throughout Velen as "That Bloody Outsider Who Defeated Our Best Lads."

Objectives Edit

  • Defeat Smithy.
  • Defeat Fishgulper.
  • Defeat Jonah.
  • Fight the sergeant for the Velen title.