Floren or Florin,[1] also known as the "Nilfgaardian Floren", is the monetary unit used in Nilfgaard and its provinces. Out of one mark 60 florens are to be made. In the novel Baptism of Fire, it can be read that 500 orens are the equivalent of 45 florens.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Florens can be looted or found throughout the land, although the currency of choice is the Crown. Florens cannot be used to purchase items from merchants, but they can be brought to Vimme Vivaldi at the Vivaldi Bank in Novigrad (or in the Cianfanelli Bank of Beauclair in Blood and Wine expansion pack) and exchanged for crowns. One floren is worth three crowns.


  • The Florin is a gold coin created in Florence in 1252 and lately in use in many other European countries.



  1. English translation in the books
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