Florian Verrieres was the son of Ignatius Verrieres, Lord of White Orchard.


Florian was in a romantic relationship with Mislav, who was the lord's hunter when the Verrieres still ruled White Orchard. However, the lord's stable-hand Dieter caught Florian and Mislav, and outed them and Florian's father banished Mislav from the castle. Florian then committed suicide by hanging and his father turned to drinking over his son's death, letting the estate fall into ruins.

Following his suicide, Florian's remains were interred at White Orchard cemetery, and his gravestone inscription states that he died of "apoplexie", masking the true nature of his death.


  • An ambient conversation between two peasants at the White Orchard inn contradicts other available information about Florian. It states that he was the former lord, and that the previous ruling family of White Orchard were the Lavalles, to which Florian supposedly belonged.
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