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The Flotsam inn is an inn located in the main square of the town of Flotsam. The premises are shared with a brothel.


Tw2 flotsam inn sign

Upper floor

There are two private rooms above the inn's ground level that can be accessed via a stairway, seen on the picture above, near inn's main entrance door and the Notice Board.

  • Síle de Tansarville has rented the room which is one farther away from the stairway. Geralt visits her place on few occasions while on quests.
  • The other room is divided in two parts; one of the them is occupied by a whore Derae who can also be met hanging outside. During Where is Triss Merigold? quest Margot and/or Derae can be found there, depending on who Geralt decided to side with.

Ground floor

This is the main inn's level where the Witcher can meet up with his old friends. He can also trade with the innkeeper who happens to be a merchant or armwrestle with Big Max. It is accessed directly from the street, either from town square's side or the docks'.

Lower floor

Entered via a staircase near the main inn's door from town square's side, this floor is can be described as the fun level. The main part of this basement is the brothel. There are few rooms on this level that might be worth visiting while looking for resources. Apart from that Geralt has access to:

Associated Quests



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