Flovive is a village in Toussaint that is located northwest of Casteldaccia Abandoned Estate. The village sits on the bank of the Sansretour River, and thus features a small harbor.

As is typical in Toussaint, Flovive is part of the wine trade; Tufo Vineyard is located just north. Jean-Christophe de Bourbeau, the owner of Tufo, is the master of all land in and around the village, and is thus the most influential figure locally. The Barrel and Bung Inn is the main public house of the village, which serves food and drink, the latter being primarily wine of all varieties.

Notable people

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Once upon a time, a plague of frogs visited the Sansretour Marsh. Duchess Ademarta declared a prize would be given to whomever freed the land of these accursed amphibians. Yet neither the knights errant nor the druids nor anyone else proved up to the task – until a poor raftsman named Flovive figured out a way. He serenaded the frogs with his violin and they, entranced by his melody, followed him out of the duchy. In memory of this event, the settlement where Toussaint's raftsmen dwell bears his name.
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