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A forktail in Wiedźmin: Gra Wyobraźni PnP RPG, illustration by Tomasz Łaz

A forktail (Polish: widłogon) is a creature related to dragons, but smaller and not intelligent. Just as the name suggests, it can be recognized by its forked tail. The forktails killed many more beings than dragons.

So I ride on, and what do I see? A forktail. Not very big, about four yards nose-tip to tail-tip. It's flying, carrying a sheep in its talons. I go to the village. "How much? I ask, "will you pay me for the forktail?" The peasants fall on their knees. "No!" they shout, "it's our baron's youngest daughter's favourite dragon. If a scale falls from its back, the baron will burn our hamlet, and skin us."

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Template:Infoboxbestiary2 “Fork tails… Bah! Tails’re more like cleavers.”—Yavinn Buck, veteran of the Mahakaman Volunteer Regiment

Forktails owe their quaint name to the long, sharp growths at the tip of their tails. A blow from this weapon can slice an oaken shield in two—along with the hand that was carrying it. Thus though its name conjures images of cutlery, fighting a forktail is nothing like a dinner party and ends in death rather than dessert.

Forktails are active by day. They usually hunt alone or, more rarely, in pairs. They attack big game, including domesticated animals, mainly cattle and pigs, and even humans from time to time.

Like all draconids their massive size does not stop them from flying and attacking from the air. They use their weight and height advantage as they swoop down to knock their prey over with their wings. Once on the ground, they are somewhat less mobile but still dangerous, turning to other tactics centered on attacking with their massive, spike-covered tails.

Combat Tactics

Like other draconids, the forktail is a capable flier. Bring it down to the ground with crossbow bolts or Grapeshot to start the real fight.

Forktails are as aggressive as any wyvern, making use of their foot talons to slash and kick at unfortunates they’ve hunted down.

The tail-tip stingers of a forktail are highly poisonous, and, as such, Golden Oriole is essential. Forktails will aggressively employ their tails in combat, and the only recourse is to simple evade these strikes.

Proper footwork can not only evade a tailswipe, but place a witcher in perfect position to strike at the vulnerable flanks.

Do not be so pre-occupied with the tail of a forktail that you neglect its head. Bites from a forktail come at near-lightning speeds, but they can be parried and even countered.

The Witcher 3 Dragon the Forktail Boss Fight (Hard Mode)

The Witcher 3 Dragon the Forktail Boss Fight (Hard Mode)

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