Fox Hollow is a village in Toussaint known for pots of all shapes and sizes which grow miraculously from earth. They trade with the village of Dudno in Maecht where in turn the lids of all shapes and sizes grow. It is located in Blessure valley, between Beauclair and Dun Tynne Castle.[1]

In reality it has turned out that the pots are in facts burial urns of Aen Seidhe who had a cemetery here, called Crevan Carn.[2]

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Fox Hollow is located northwest of Castel Ravello Vineyard and is overrun by bandits. Once cleared out, the people will return, including the innkeep.

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In a small valley at the foot of Mount Gorgon lies the village of Fox Hollow. This village's fields – inexplicably and miraculously – grow pots. Earthenware vessels spring unbidden from the ground, as if through some magic trick worked by nature, no human intervention required. The pots come in all shapes and sizes, which is why Fox Hollow maintains trade connections with the village of Dudno in Maecht – for that village's fields, inexplicably and miraculously, grow lids. Of all shapes and sizes.

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