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"Do you really wish to know?" — Spoilers from the books and/or adaptations to follow!
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Each sun sets on fewer elves. Our land is stained, our elders dead. Even our caves at the edge of the world have fallen to monsters. But we mustn't lose faith in a bright elven future. What has been need not always be.
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- Francesa to Filavandrel aén Fidháil, "Kaer Morhen"

Francesca Findabair was an elf that at one point took over as the ruler of the elves from Filavandrel aén Fidháil after he failed to beat Calanthe. She later had a dream of Ithlinne visiting her in a white robe, claiming she'd lead the elves to Dol Blathanna, a kingdom just for the elves to rule over.


Dreaming of Ithlinne[]

Francesca saw no gain in keeping Yennefer and Fringilla hostage. Filavandrel believed they could be of use, but Francesca wasn't convinced, nor was she moved when Yennefer revealed she was an elf despite never having sung a song or honored their elders. Francesca reminded Filavandrel that she took command of their people and how she was often visited in her dreams by the "White Robed One." Once they found what they were looking for, she wanted Filavandrel to ship Yennefer and Fringilla's heads back to Aretuza as a reminder of elven glory.

After finding a temple with runes of the Conjunction of the Spheres inscribed along the walls, Francesca had Yennefer and Fringilla escorted to her, as they too were dreaming of robed figures. Francesca's guide in her dream was Ithlinne, whereas Fringilla's was the White Flame. Yennefer then brushed away the dust on the altar to uncover Elder speech that read: "Behold the mother of forests, the deathless mother, nesting in dreams." What remained was an incantation about a hut with no doors. And then the altar slid open and revealed a passageway, which Francesca, Fringilla, and Yennefer followed.

The trio found the doorless hut in the woods and recited the incantation, causing the hut to turn in their direction and summon them inside, where Francesca was approached by the Deathless Mother disguised as Ithlinne, who offered her a chance to rebuild the elven community through the birth of a pure elf, by forging an alliance with Fringilla and Nilfgaard.[1]

Forging an Alliance with Fringilla[]

Through her alliance with Fringilla, Francesca had turned Xin'trea into a place of refuge for elves. However, Filavandrel warned her that their immigration to Xin'trea had inflamed tensions. While there was a cost for partnering with Nilfgaard, it was a cost Francesca was willing to pay.

Francesca met with Fringilla to discuss the terms of their alliance. The elves were comfortable, but Francesca wanted to know what it would cost her, almost immediately realizing that Nilfgaard needed a new army. Despite popular belief, Fringilla explained that Nilfgaard had no intentions of destroying the world, rather they intended to feed, house, and liberate those in need, and the elves just so happened to know the Continent better than any man. Before agreeing, Francesca wanted a place for her people's future to begin and needed Fringilla to promise her that.[2]

Francesca joined Fringilla as she searched for an alternative after receiving word that guards had been boarding ships. She was making Francesca privy to this so that they could be instep together. This was a new experience for both of them, as neither had ever had a partner before. The next ship was due soon, and Francesca wanted her people to meet their liberator.[3]

Birth of a Pure Blood[]

Francesca and Fringilla went for a walk through the garden, where Francesca brought a dead flower back to life. Her favorite thing to do as a girl was flower picking with her mother. After she died, Francesca kept one to remember her by. One day, it started to wilt, and when she held that flower, she began to feel warm inside and the flower bloomed again. She did that spell over and over for years, until her father caught her and tried to lead the village in a crusade against her, but he failed. Her brother held their father down as she slit his throat. The village then built a statue in her honor. At Aretuza, they were taught the art of politics and persuasion, to trick others into thinking they're in control, Fringilla explained. Francesca suspected this of Fringilla's relationship with Cahir, as she was different when he came around. Moreover, Francesca told Fringilla that the time for her to put Cahir in his place had come, as he was no longer in power.

Francesca hoped that training was going well with the elves. Death was a part of life, and perhaps that was the cost of them getting their land back, Francesca concluded. Filavandrel wasn't so sure it would still happen given Cahir's return, but Francesca insisted that she was taking care of it. Filavandrel then explained that he didn't come to tell her what to do. He came to ask what she needed of him, as he'd do what whatever she asked. Francesca simply sought for him to stay by her and their child's side.

Francesca went into labor, and with Fringilla, Filavandrel, and a midwife at her side coaching her through, she gave birth to a baby girl.[4]

Francesca and Filavandrel were discussing baby names when Fringilla confronted them about their fighters not showing up for training. However, Filavandrel and his men had a change of heart. They never intended to fight for Nilfgaard. Francesca convinced him, but she'd given him a far better reason not to fight with the birth of their child. It was time for them to rebuild and grow strong again. While they were grateful for the home Nilfgaard provided in Xin'trea, they had no intentions of dying in someone else's war. Fringilla reminded Francesca of the bargain they struck in the hut and how it was working. It could remain that way so long as their bond remained strong. While she and Fringilla were friends, Francesca cherished the bond of family more.

Francesca awakened from her sleep to discover that her baby had been murdered.[5]

While mourning the death of her child, Francesca was overwhelmed with sadness, but also anger, which she took out on the citizens of Redania, who she suspected was responsible for the death of her baby, by slaughtering all the Redanian babies in her path.

After the massacre, the elves retreated to the woods, where Francesca explained that this attack wasn't about revenge. She sought justice, recalling how when the humans first arrived, the elves welcomed them as peers, which led to a mass grave they dug themselves. From Istredd, who was captured while spying on them, they learned that Cirilla of Cintra was alive and of Elder blood.[6] So now Francesca and the elves joined the other groups seeking to capture her.


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