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Fredefalk or Friedfalk[2] Vellga[N 1] was prince of Creyden and the father of Renfri. He married Aridea after the demise of his first wife, Renfri's mother.


Not much is known about Fredefalk except with his first wife he had a daughter named Renfri, whom he adored. After his first wife presumably died, he started a relationship with Aridea, with whom he had a couple children out of wedlock[3] before the two married. It's known they had at least one son while they were together. However, years later, Aridea was poisoned and subsequently died and rumors spread that Fredefalk himself killed her after finding a younger, more robust, mistress.[N 2] He shortly died himself in a strange hunting accident.


  1. His family name is mentioned in Trial of Heart scenario for Wiedźmin: Gra Wyobraźni.
  2. Stregobor believes Renfri actually killed Aridea, but Renfri claims she didn't, having something more special in mind to kill Aridea.


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