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Fregenal was once an elder druid from the Mayena Circle of Druids before he was expelled eleven years prior to the events of the short story "Droga, z której się nie wraca".

The circumstances under which he was expelled remain unknown, but before leaving Fregenal stole several pages from forbidden books. With these pages, he studied the dangerous magic of the wizard Alzur.

He reportedly used this magic to create the first koshchey by using Alzur's Double Cross (though it also could have been caused by some other spell), and formed the band of mercenaries known as Koshchey's Men. Fregenal and Koshchey's Men began terrorising villages in the Amell Mountains; robbing them, raping their women, and in some cases murdering the villagers and razing the villages to the ground.

In one such village, the mountainside Klucz, a blacksmith named Mikula had began rallying the villages to oppose Fregenal and his mercenaries, but he required more aid. After being rebuffed by the militia of Mayena, Mikula appealed to the circle of druids there for support. Fregenal learnt of the blacksmith's schemes and dispatched a witch in his employ, Manissa, to assassinate the druid at the crossroads to Klucz. His ploy failed when fate intervened and the warrior Korin arrived at the crossroads instead. The druidess Visenna arrived shortly thereafter, and her and Korin joined forces with Mikula's assembled force at Klucz. Meanwhile, after learning that Fregenal was bent on world domination, a werebbubb by the name of Kehl led a revolt against the renegade sorcerer over their conflicting goals, capturing the druid and leaving him for the oncoming army.

Fregenal was helpless when Visenna, Korin and Mikula arrived and was forced to lead them to the koshchey. There, he managed to escape, but ultimately met his end at the hands of Mikula. Kehl returned to finish what he started and aided Visenna, Korin and Mikula in destroying Fregenal's koshchey once and for all. Besides featuring in the short story Droga, z której się nie wraca, Fregenal also appears in the graphic novel based on the same story.