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Freixenet (or Frexinet) was once the Baron of Hamm, and later one of King Ervyll's governors in Verden. His sister, Eliza, was married to the king, making him Prince Kistrin's uncle by marriage.

Biography Edit

Sometime prior to 1262, Freixenet had been the Baron of Hamm but after a falling out with one woman, he was cursed and turned into a cormorant. His sister tried several myths she'd heard, like putting on him a shirt made of nettles, but Freixenet remained a bird. Luckily, Geralt was passing through and Eliza's husband, King Ervyll, was willing to pay the witcher to lift the curse. While Freixenet successfully returned to normal, a preference for fish lingered from his time as a bird to the point he'd occasionally head down to the harbor and eat several fish straight from the cages.

In 1262, Freixenet, now working as one of King Ervyll's governors, took off with several of his men after Princess Ciri after he learned she'd run away as she didn't want to be married to Prince Kistrin. Unfortunately for both parties, they ended up in the Brokilon forest, a sacred area guarded over by dryads and who killed any intruders, whether they stumbled in by accident or not. Freixenet was badly wounded and near death when Geralt happened upon him, having been sent by King Venzlav to deliver a message to the dryads' queen, Eithné. After making contact with the nearby dryads, the witcher was able to get them to save Freixenet but couldn't do anything else for him as he was then ordered to follow a dryad to Duén Canell, where Eithné lived.

Freixenet was transported to Duén Canell and several days later, while he hadn't quite recovered, he was well enough to sit up for a bit and talk when Geralt joined him once more, this time with Ciri in tow. However, on seeing the princess, he berated her and threatened to tan her hide for running away as it caused a political fiasco for Ervyll. He then revealed that even if he made it out alive, he wouldn't be able to go back to Verden's court as he'd been in charge of Ciri and, having failed that, all that awaited him back home was the gallows. Geralt then informed Freixenet that since he'd lifted the curse, news spread far and wide and was heavily embellished. Now, the former baron had 10 brothers and all of them were turned into swans, as cormorants weren't very romantic for story purposes, and Eliza's nettle shirt cured them.

Afterwards, Eithné entered and debated over what to do about Freixenet, erroneously believing he was a scalp-hunter, as Ervyll was paying people for every dryad scalp they brought in. After Geralt informed her that Freixenet wasn't one and he'd run into the forest to find Ciri, Eithné then asked the governor if he had children. Not realizing what she was getting at, he stated he wasn't married and the queen made her point clearer: if he'd ever fathered any children. After confirming he had, Eithné decided he would stay for a time after he healed and then allowed to go wherever he wished. After the queen left, he asked the witcher what that was all about and Geralt explained they hoped to use him to father a dryad or two. Not realizing this wasn't the same as human mating, Freixenet at first smiled at the idea until Geralt informed him it wasn't about pleasure: there wouldn't be any wooing or romance with the dryad he'd be paired with and she'd treat the matter very practically as she would only be using him to father a child.

Freixenet then asked Geralt what was to become of Ciri and after being told she'd be turned into a dryad, he made a vain attempt at asking if he could still rescue her, to which Geralt responded he wouldn't leave the city alive if he tried.

Trivia Edit

  • Freixenet's curse is likely based on the story The Six Swans.
  • Freixenet is a Spanish producer of wine and cava (a sparkling wine form Catalonia).

Notes Edit

  • In the non-canon short story Something Ends, Something Begins, he is a guest at Geralt and Yennefer's wedding. He arrives with his wife, Braenn, and their five red-haired daughters: Morenn, Cirilla, Mona, Eithné, and Kashka, with evidence of a sixth well on the way. Freixenet is apparently confident it will be a son this time, but Braenn intimates that the "son" will be named "Melissa".

References Edit

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