The "friendly vodyan priest" was a vodyanoy cleric from the Underwater City who tended to an altar of the Lady of the Lake near Murky Waters.

Biography Edit

He was one of the first witcher Geralt of Rivia met upon his arrival in Murky Waters. He told the witcher of Berengar's presence in the area and also of the strife brewing between the vodyanoy and local humans.

Although the friendly priest was often driven away from his post at the foot of the altar by Dagon worshippers, Geralt dispatched them at that time so that the friendly priest could return.

Associated quest Edit

Notes Edit

  • In order for him to really return, the main quest The Heat of the Day must be advanced up to the point of Alina's and Celina's transformation as well. Otherwise, the enemy vodyanoy will keep respawning.
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