Fugas was one of many servants of the Ladies of the Woods, who lived in Bald Mountain.

Journal Entry

The devil Fugas held a very prestigious and responsible position during the Crones' sabbath: that of goon restricting access to the peak. He in no way resembled Torque, the irritating but harmless "deovel" Geralt and I had encountered many, many years prior.
Fugas' size resembled that of a somewhat overgrown troll, and he likewise displayed a troll's lack of subtlety. There was not a jot of mischievous puck or cunning verbal trickster about this "devil." Instead, he carried out his task with the commitment and professionalism of a Novigrad bouncer.
Trying to stop Geralt, though, turned out to be Fugas' dumbest and final idea, ending both his life and his flourishing career in the Crones' employ.

Associated Quest


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