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Gabriel in Wiedźmin: Gra Wyobraźni Pnp RPG

After its invention, an aggressive marketing campaign was initiated to sell them with slogans like "Protect yourself!" advertising its use to defend oneself from bandits and brigands. It became so popular that ironically most bandits could be counted on to have one as well, which fueled further sales. One can only assume that Gabriel died quite wealthy (or given Sapkowski's sense of humour, a victim of his own invention!).

crossbow and gabriel

The Witcher

In the game, the Professor uses a miniature wrist-mounted crossbow, which is more than likely one of these weapons.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The armorer in Midcopse advertises the Gabriel (spelled Gabrielle in subtitles) when spoken to, although he doesn't actually sell any crossbows whatsoever; being an armorer, he doesn't sell any weapons.

During The Final Trial, shooting down a few harpies with the crossbow will cause Lambert to comment that it takes down harpies so well he should think about getting a Gabriel for himself. This would imply that either all hand crossbows are manufactured under the Gabriel line of weapons, or that the original Gabriel has become so widely-known (likely through the marketing campaign) that "Gabriel" is now a colloquial term for many small crossbow weapons.

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