The Gamblers' den can be found in the Trade Quarter just off the Alley along the Walls, near the Merchant. It boasts ambient lighting (darkness), gambling opportunities and a fine selection of food and drink. See The Witcher dice poker, the local sharper, about gambling beyond the professional level.

They take security a bit more seriously here, judging from the presence and look of the two bouncers guarding the exits.

Amenities Edit

You can always find:

Notes Edit

  • It may appear as if Geralt can sleep here for free at any time, as long as he has not angered the manager. However, it's only a glitch in the dialog system. After saying you wish to rest, it removes 5 orens from your inventory just like any other inn but without a confirmation box like the others.
  • If you speak with the bar wench, you can ask her about who owns the place. However, be prepared. If you mention Salamandra, she will throw you out then and there. Do not worry though, you can come back later and all is forgiven. Unless you broach the subject again...
  • Not to be confused with the Gambling den in the Temple Quarter, which is only a location Side Effects premium module.
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