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Some thugs interrupting Geralt

Gangs or "Hanza" (from the Nilfgaardian term "aen hanse") tend to be para-military, criminal or mercenary groups, usually bound by familial ties, friendship or a common goal.[1] There are several such examples on the Continent:

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Novigrad in the 1270s

During the Third Northern War, four large criminal syndicates were active in Novigrad, sharing power with Church of the Eternal Fire. Their leaders were Francis "The King of Beggars" Bedlam, Cyprian "Whoreson Junior" Wiley, Sigi Reuven (alias used by Sigismund Dijkstra) and dwarf Carlo Varese. To citizens, these leaders were known as the Big Four and balance existed.[2]

Things changed when Cyprian allied himself with King Radovid V of Redania who provided him with intelligence and finances. In return, the king wanted Whoreson to kill the other three underworld heads. Later, when he was of no use for the Redanian king the latter betrayed his location to Geralt of Rivia who had a personal score to settle with Whoreson.[2]

After Whoreson's fall, many criminals attempted to take advantage of the dysfunction in a power grab. Among these criminals were Duke and Earl.[2]

Toussaint's three hanses

Around 1275[3] three outlaw gangs, known as "hanses", settled in Toussaint's peaceful countryside and battled with knights errant, ducal guardsmen and voluntary warriors for control. They were led by Filibert "Fourfingers" von Wittan, Antoine "Starling" Straggen, and half-elf Loth. They were well organized and when attacked, called for help from neighboring camps. Geralt, among other things, rid the duchy of these outlaws while he was there.[4]


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