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The assembled sorcerers parted, bowing with respect at the personages entering the hall. The first was a middle aged but vigorous man in extremely modest woollen clothing. At his side strode a tall, sharp-featured woman with dark, smoothly combed hair.
"That is Gerhart of Aelle, also known as Hen Gedymdeith, the oldest living sorcerer," Yennefer informed Geralt in hushed tones.
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- pg. 117, Time of Contempt (UK edition)

Hen Gedymdeith (d. July 1267), originally known as "Gerhart of Aelle", was the oldest living mage before the Thanedd coup.[1]

A member of the Chapter of the Gift and the Art, the highest ranked of the Brotherhood of Sorcerers, he was also the author of Elves and Humans[2] and The Legends of the Elder Races,[3] and was hundreds of years old at the time of his death.



Born in the late 8th century, Gerhart as a child was recognized as a Source by Jan Bekker and Giambattista and taken to Mirthe to learn. After a while, he went with Geoffrey Monck and several other students to Loc Muinne, where he was trained as an elven sorcerer.[1]

Interwar Period[]

In 1267, after hearing news of the northern rulers meeting at Hagge, he sent Artaud Terranova and Tissaia de Vries to meet with Vilgefortz for his opinions on the matter.[2]

Thanedd Coup[]

In late June on Thanedd Island, he attended the banquet in Aretuza, and the following day met for the Grand Mage's Assembly in Garstang. He died remembering the days when Monck led the Sources to Loc Muinne, as his heart gave out.[1]